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a bit about me!

every morning i wake up and start to think about what i am going to eat, about new recipes i want to try and whether i still have some chocolate stashed away for my daily treat!

i left home at the age of 19 unable to cook anything apart from toast. i didn't learn the basics of cooking at school, so until my early twenties i survived on a terrible diet which included lots of brussel sprouts and custard cream biscuits. however, i've always loved food and it dawned on my that if i wanted to eat nice things i was going to have to learn to make them.

so a process of trial and error started which continues to this day! i've had my fair share of disasters: an infamous incident with shortcrust pastry and more than one burnt offering. but my knowledge of flavour and texture and my love of herbs and spices continues to grow and i love to try new things. i would now describe myself as an intuitive cook.

throughout adulthood i have dipped in and out of being a vegetarian, and then a few years ago i decided to adopt a plant based diet. Everything I read read about vegan food pointed to health benefits and an overall improvement in energy levels, but just as with any way of life, there are good and bad choices to be made. technically chips are vegan, but if this is all you ate, you wouldn't feel fantastic!

i cook from scratch using fresh ingredients and local seasonal produce where possible. nomnomnosh is just about good, tasty and (mostly) healthy food. food for people who like to eat! i love to cook and i hope you will love my food!

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