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Getting your food

we appreciate that to eat our lovely food you need to get it as easily and conveniently as possible, so we're working on options to support this.  unfortunately there are limitations with our website platform and is therefore a bit clunky.  it frustrates us too!!

if you have views on how to do thinks better please tell us as we're very open to ideas....

So, we started with the friday collection from enterprise park, behind the big tesco.  this has easy parking so is ideal if you're driving.  for those of you likely to be in town, we've added a collection point at the excellent baskerville's vegan cafe & bar in whiting street where you can also have a great coffee too.  we're also teaming up with our friends at ecoCarriers for a local delivery service using their charity cycles. all of these are for food cooked for distribution each friday when it's fresh.

frozen dishes can in theory be collected or delivered on any weekday and a number of you have contacted us to arrange this.  it's easier for us on a  friday, but if you prefer another day let us know and we'll do our level best to make you happy.

now for the practical stuff.  Wix (bless it) is excellent in so many ways for a small business, but sadly does not support 'click & collect', so we've had to create a work around for now.  this may ask for information that quite rightly you may think is not necessary, but that's what Wix demands (not us).

for friday collection, the process is easy.  choose, order, pay, collect.  the only additional task is to specify where you want to collect from when on the checkout page.  yes, we would love to give you a drop down list with the options but Wix stores prevents this, so you need to type in either 'Enterprise Park' (or 'EP') or 'Baskervilles' (or 'BV') for now.  If you miss this completely the default is EP.

for cycle delivery things get a little more complicated.    you place the order with us as normal, indicating 'delivery' in the collection location field at checkout which you will pay for alongside your food. we will then pass on your address details to ecoCarriers for them to plan their deliveries on friday afternoons from 4 - 6pm.

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