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Bringing the East to East Anglia!

This photo does not do "spiced cannellini beans with saag aloo topping" justice - this is something I could become seriously addicted to and I hope you love it too! The best description I can give you is that it is like a spiced up indian version of a shepherdless pie!!

Also new this week and still with an eastern influence is a Turkish red lentil soup with lemon and mint - a bowl of turkish delight to warm up a chilly day.

I know I should not wish my time away, but boy am I glad that january is over and the promise of spring is just a bit closer. I really do believe that what we eat has a big impact on both our physical and mental health, and when the weather is a bit cold and grey it matters even more. If only hot, buttered toast and big slabs of chocolate were considered good for my gut health, I would be the healthiest person in East Anglia! And that's just breakfast!

So you lovely nomnomnoshers keep warm and eat well.....

love and peas xxx

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