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......but it makes the most excelllent gift!

How often I have lamented over the thin, miserly bars of chocolate that are 'vegan', how often have I longed for a big chunk of choc to bite into and savour? So I made my own and here they are! With candied orange peel from Spain and tempered chocolate infused with wild orange oil, to praline hazelnuts and almonds with a twist of sea salt, nomnomnosh chocolate bars are both decadent and grown up. A little goes a long way. And then there are the hot chocolate bombs - add as many as you desire to hot mylk of your choice the chocolate will melt and the marshallows will rise to the top ready to be stirred in to your mug of deliciousness! Tempted? Order now while stocks last

As well as cooking for my lovely customers this week, I had a stall at the Bannatyne Christmas Fayre giving away samples of some yummy soup, selling chocolate gifts and spreading the nomnomnosh love. I also was asked to make vegan canapes for the official opening of Prudent Nellie - a new shop in Sudbury for independent makers which sounds really exciting and I hope to visit soon.

January is veganary - hooray! I thought I would share some recipes with you to encourage more people to eat plant based meals more often. Sadly my wix account only allows me a couple of blog/email shares a month, but I'll do my best to keep in touch with you all.

Stay warm and keep safe. Love and peas xxx

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