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COP 26........

Like most others I have been following some of the COP 26 discussions that have been happening over the last few days, and I found myself wondering what COP stood for...... it would appear that it is "Conferences of the Parties" and the first one was in 1995. Now doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Not.

As we all should be considering the future of this planet and what we can do to re-address some of the damage that we have caused, I, as president of nomnomnosh do decree that COP should now stand for "Consume Only Plants".

I have been reliably informed that both Emmerdale and Eastenders have been promoting meat free days, which is fantastic. I strongly believe that if we all made a little change in some of the ways that we shop, travel and eat, cumulative changes will follow. As someone who is very much entrenched in her set ways I understand how hard it is to apply change, but never say never!

I have been experimenting with new dishes to bring to nomnomnosh in the near future, slowly cooking tomatoes and chickpeas with lots of good quality oil and spices to intensify the flavours. I shall tweak and perfect and add them soon.

I am catering for a private function next week so sadly there will be no fresh dishes available, however there will be plenty listed on 12th November. Frozen dishes are still ready to order.

Love and peas xxx

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