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How is your resolve holding up?

Rumour has it that new year's resolutions last an average of 12 days - that means I am below average as I have to confess I have had chocolate for breakfast at least once in the last few days......

Luckily there are 31 days in January which means 31 opportunities to take part in veganuary, and if you have 3 meals a day, that means 93 options to have a plant based meal. nomnomnosh is here to help you, and there are some brand new dishes as well as some of the tried and tested favourites for you to choose from.

It might be cold, grey and gloomy in Suffolk, but let me take you to the Caribbean with a delicious sweet potato stew packed full of sunshine flavours. The sun will be shining in your tummy after this dish! I can hear the waves lapping and feel the sand between my toes.

EXCITING NEWS - Baskerville's on Whiting Street will now be offering a small selection of nomnomnosh dishes to eat in from each friday while stocks last. You can treat yourself to a delicious meal with cake and coffee and all are plant based and extra yummy and no cooking or washing up for you. Baskerville's are also a collection point for your nomnomnosh takeaway orders.

The first gift vouchers sold over christmas are being used and are bringing joy to the recipients. In the same way that dogs are not just for christmas, nomnomnosh vouchers are also available all year round and make an excellent gift at any time of the year.

I hope you are all managing to keep warm and well, until next time -

love and peas xxx

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