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Greetings Nomnomnoshers, I hope you are all surviving the blustery wind (no rude connotations here). With the recent red weather warnings, I thought I would put us in the pink and add a couple of vibrant new dishes to the menu. Welcome to beetroot, wasabi and walnut dip and to red cabbage, apple and carraway soup. The dip comes with 2 pitta breads, and the soup with a chunk of locally baked seeded bread. yum yum!

Nomnomnosh has been trading since last autumn and it has been important to listen to the feedback of my lovely customers. It would be impossible to please everyone, but I have made some changes to suit the majority. You told me that my portions were too big, so I have reduced them (only slightly) and the price to match. Some people have asked for additional side items, so there are now 3 to choose from and there will be more in the future, please do check them out on the website I really appreciate all the feedback I have been given, and can only evolve with your help!

Exciting news! I will be giving a cookery demonstration at Neptune on St Andrew's Street on Saturday 26 March from 10.30am to 4.30pm. Please do come and see what's on offer. Any cups of coffee and bars of chocolate to help keep me going, and of course your friendly faces will be most welcome!

Roll on the calmer spring time weather, until then.....

love and peas xxx

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