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It's really happening!

To my complete amazement there are only 2 days to go before nomnomnosh opens it's shop doors - well it's website anyway! There have been days when I thought we would never get to this point, there have been sleepless nights and the occasional tantrum, but we are finally there.

I have learnt many things recently, not least of all that garlic croutons are completely addictive and should be illegal. I made a batch a few days ago and ate the equivalent of half a loaf of bread seeped in garlic and olive oil in one go. This cooking is dangerous business for the waistline.

I love food and am passionate about plant based meals and am so excited to have the chance to share this with you I hope you will enjoy it too. Food cooked with love for those who love to eat!

Love and peas to you all - Jenny xx

Here's a link to the article in Suffolk News

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