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New year, new recipes and here comes veganary!


brrrrr! it has been cold and nasty out there, definitely the weather for soup, so this week i have included 2 delicious soups for you to choose from. i have also been busy in the kitchen trying new dishes to add to the nomnomnosh offerings in the new year.

january is also veganary - a good time to introduce more plant based food into your life: a win for you, the animals and for the environment. i always feel a bit stodged out after christmas so a few healthy choices will be welcomed in this household, and i shall have to hide any leftover chocolate out of sight (normally in my knicker drawer) and hope that i forget it is lurking in there.

nomnomnosh will be trading as normal next week, but the week leading up to 24th december there will be no fresh dishes available, however you will be able to order fresh dishes from the 24th to the 28th ready to pick up on the 31st december.

i hope all your christmas plans are going well and that any stress levels are very low. keep warm, keep safe, keep sane!

love and peas xxx

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