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Product testing - all in the line of duty!

There are some advantages to being fundamentally greedy - best of all is my ability to do a serious amount of product testing! I wouldn't want any of my customers to eat anything that I wouldn't be happy to eat myself. As much as I hate to introduce the 'C' word, christmas is not that far away and I am making some tasty treats for you to spoil yourself with, or to gift to others.

Now I find it very difficult to find vegan chocolate that is tasty, affordable and not too thin! I want a big, fat chunk of chocolate in my mouth, not a weedy wafer piece. So I am currently making some delicious bars of yumminess that have that chunk appeal. Praline nuts with salt, jelly bean and sprinkles, orange peel (the nice stuff) with orange oil and more to come. So this week I have eaten a lot (and I mean a lot) of chocolate...... Keep looking at the website as they will appear in my shop soon. I hold no responsibility for any weight gain side affects!

So my lovelies, another week has passed. I would be very grateful if you could now start to tell your friends about nomnomnosh as I am ready to ramp up production.

Love and peas xxx

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