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Random acts of kindness


I am sure I am not the only person who finds the world a sad place to be at the moment. The combination of the on-going pandemic and now the situation in Ukraine in addition to all the other global tragedies can feel very bleak. I know I cannot change these things but I can perform some random acts of kindness. A smile, a compliment, thinking of others before myself are all easy to do and cost me nothing. In addition I have gifted small bunches of flowers to people I do not know as I go through town. I cannot tell you how good this made ME feel, and judging by the smiles I created I hope it has brightened the day of others.

It will be business as usual for this next week, but then I shall be away for a week on a 'research' trip. It's always good to try new tastes and flavours, to experience new combinations of herbs and spices, so with the best interest of my lovely nomnomnosh customers, I am going to Morocco. Expect some yummy tagines in the near future!

Until the next time stay well and safe, and maybe consider what random act of kindness you could do?

Love and peas xxx

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