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.......are supposed to be worry free days according to Shakespeare, but I for one panic about the arrival of shorts and skimpy tops and the revealing of all body parts normally hidden under my big, baggy jumper! All I can say is hooray for salad! Long gone are the days of a limp lettuce leaf and a shrivelled piece of cucumber with a dollop of salad cream on the side.

This superfood salad is packed with raw veg, mixed seeds, cranberries and quinoa. It has a divine dressing with apple cider vinegar and peanut butter amongst it's ingredients. Extra tasty and very good for your tummy.

I am one of those sad people who spends many hours looking at recipes on social media and the internet, the only problem is that there is just not enough time to try everything I want to. I ordered a box of tomatoes from the Isle of Wight this week, they weren't cheap but my goodness they are worth their weight in gold! If I start turning a shade of red it is because I am morphing into a tomato.

Well nomnomnoshers that's me for now. If you read this in time, don't forget to come to Neptune in Bury St Edmunds tomorrow - 7th May, 10.30am to 4.30pm. I shall be cooking in one of the kitchens and there will almost certainly be tomatoes on the agenda.

Love and peas xxx

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