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Greetings Nomnomnoshers! I'd like to introduce you to this delicious charred cauliflower and potato curry - a classic combination of veg married together with a delicious blend of spices. The cauliflower is roasted in the oven first until there is a little bit of 'char' around the edges bringing a new level of flavour to tickle your taste buds. Yum!

The clocks change this weekend and as much as an extra hour in bed is appreciated it also heralds the start of comfort food season. As much as I love a good salad I also love a hot soup or a spicy curry. Ando of course, cake! I have a big bag of cooking apples just waiting to be turned into something cake, or crumble or pie.......

People often say to me 'Oh, I could never go vegan!' and the good news is nobody is telling you that you have to (unless you have an allergy or an intolerance) but I would always encourage people to make a few changes, a little less meat or fish, cut down on dairy every now and then. If everyone did this the collective change to the environment would make a difference. And that's before you even think about animal welfare or your health!

I hope the next few days are full of treats and no tricks, until next time....

love and peas xxx

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