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Greetings nomnomnoshers, well the jumpers are out and the socks are on and the days are getting shorter. As much as I wish that warm, sunny days could last forever, the best part of autumn and winter has got to be the food. After all, it's all about the food! Warming soups and comforting stews and some hot, stodgy puddings are the order of the day, after all, baggy jumpers were invented to accommodate an extra pound or 2 and we need to keep warm in inventive ways this winter!

Talking about puddings, what do you think of this yummy berry cheesecake? Would you say no or would you tuck in with glee? I have done plenty of 'tucking in' and it's (almost) guilt free - there is only sugar in the biscuits used in the base, the 'cheese' layer is made of cashews and sweetened just a little with maple syrup. The berry topping also has some maple syrup but is mostly fruit...... so really it's pretty healthy and counts as one of your 5 a day!

This delicious pud was part of the three course feast at the 'not posh nosh supper club' held at Baskerville's on Whiting Street last night. This event will be held every month on the second Thursday, and booking is via the Baskerville's website. It's £25 per person and includes 3 courses of nomnomnosh food and a welcome drink on arrival. I hope to see you there in November!

Well nomnomnoshers, that is all my news for today. I trust you are all happy and healthy.

Until next time, love and peas xxx

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