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Greetings nomnomnoshers, I trust you are all fit and well?

This is my favourite time of the year for fruit and veg - I go to my local market and am like a child in a sweet shop. So many delicious choices - asparagus, strawberries, apricots, salad stuff..... my biggest problem is stopping myself from buying too much!

I love middle eastern food, the combination of flavours and textures is so exciting. I have been experimenting with tabbouleh, and am excited to offer you nomnom tabbouleh for the first time. Would a purist say that it is a true tabbouleh? Would I be chased out of the souk? I have played around with the mix of ingredients: there had to be bulgar wheat, parsley and harrisa, but I was keen to make something that was not only nutritionally well balanced and tasty, but which would keep it's quality for a few days. I hope you will enjoy the end result.

Who watched Eurovision? regardless of if you tuned in or not, you will probably be aware that Sam Ryder sang United Kingdom into second place after Ukraine. Did you know that Sam Ryder is vegan? Hey! all the best people make plant based choices!

Love and peas to you all xxx

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