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This week I have mostly been feeling saucy!

I know that it is very sad to admit this, but I love a couple of hours in the kitchen with the radio on playing with food. With autumn well and truly here and the festive season looming ahead, I thought about that good old freezer friend - the sausage roll. But not quite. Welcome to the saucy-roll! After a couple of batches and a few tweaks, here is my sweet potato saucy roll - a delicious blend of sweet potatoes (obviously!), kidney beans, walnuts, black olives, lemon zest and parsley. And a couple of other tasty ingredients. These will come ready to cook straight from the freezer. Oh, and they are big. And delicious. And coming soon to the website! I will add different variations over the next few weeks.

Today is my 5th Wedding Anniversary and we are going to celebrate with a vegan pudding night (not cooked by me) which I am really looking forward to - another reason to feel saucy I think!

If this change in the weather is making you feel gloomy, why not treat yourself to a delicious nomnomnosh meal next week? You know where to order......

Love and peas xxx

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