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This dish may cause addiction!

Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE food - that what I have eaten, and what I am going to eat, take up a large proportion of my thoughts. This dish of spiced cannellini beans with saag aloo topping is possibly one of my favourites, and one that I could (and do) eat over and over again. If you haven't tried it yet I hope you will.

Now that the clocks have changed it feels like spring is definitely on the way. It fills me with joy to see blossom appearing on the trees and brave little bulbs bursting forth. Nature is truly a wonderful thing. It also renews my determination to eat more healthily and cut down on the winter comfort foods that I know I indulge in too much. There are so many better choices available that are a win for me personally and for the environment and for animal welfare. Mind you, as I sit here it is currently snowing and hot buttered toast is far more tempting than a salad! Progress rather than perfection?

Well my dear Nomnomnoshers, I bid you farewell and hope that I shall see you soon.

love and peas xxx

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